On a planet so large that multiple suns and moons orbit around it, exists a civilization where everyone is born with a star. A birthmark travels around their bodies in occurrence with their actual star’s position in the heavens. Milo West is the first person to be born without one and is shunned because of it. Seeking a way to escape, Milo and his new friend Halley build a rocket ship out of a rusted car in the woods. They use the ship to fly away and discover new worlds far from the worries and pressures of home. To their dismay, they realize adventures aren’t as fun as they imagined.

In another part of the world, an old explorer has been chasing a mysterious light in the sky. Traveling through strange lands and encountering various perils, his journey becomes intertwined with the young adventurers. Together they brave wild landscapes full of erratic weather, deadly creatures, and hostile peoples, searching for answers and meaning in the ever surprising world.